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Trying some new programs

2007-10-29 03:34:15 by Jala-Fox

Getting kinda bored with fl (even though it pwns) Tried out Reaktor 5, Reason 4, Magix Music Editor, Abeleton Live, and Cubase. Heres what I thought of them all ::

Magix Music Editor ::
I cant say I cared for this much seems like a weak program :/ Didnt like it

Reason 4 ::
Its great but the lack of VST support is really pissing me off >:o

Abeleton Live ::
Didnt understand that shit at all, to hell with it

Cubase ::
A pretty good advanced program good for highly-experienced users

Reaktor 5 ::
A mid-advanced program which uses its own kind of vsts and you can make your own as well its a pretty good program if you know how to use it

Thats it. I'll stick with FL/Reaktor and MAYBE Reason 4


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2007-10-29 03:47:05

ReWire Reason into FL

Jala-Fox responds: